Strategy and Activities

To achieve its three major goals, the Forum will undertake the following strategic activities during the period 2009 - 2014:

  1. Put in place governing and management structures commensurate with the Forum’s mandates
    • Review and replace the existing governing and management structures, in line with current roles and responsibilities, experiential knowledge and legal considerations, after due consultation
    • Adopt a not-for-profit, business approach to management of all activities through the implementation of a business plan
    • Explore options for outsourcing for effective and efficient delivery of tasks
  2. Enhance and sustain the commitment of HEIs to use ICT for institutional strengthening
    • Enhance and sustain the annual ICT in HE conference
    • Institute an annual activity for Vice Chancellors, Provosts, Rectors and ICT Directors
    • Institute an annual on-site networking clinic for improvement of existing institutional networks
    • Liaise closely with the private sector to build partnerships with the education sector
    • Explore Forum consortia potentials outside the BWC
    • Implement an ngREN study to facilitate best practices in the setting up a national REN
    • Liaise with Librarians, Directors of Physical Facilities, Bursars and other professionals through sensitisation and publicity for their support with ICT initiatives
    • Develop a formal relationship with more stakeholders including the Governors Forum and the National Assembly
    • Liaise closely with government agencies including the NUC, NBTE, and NCCE
    • Work with Development Agencies, the PHEA, and the donor community for institutional strengthening of Nigerian HEIs
  3. Nurture the building of vibrant e-communities through training, innovation and partnerships
    • Facilitate the development of gender programs in HEIs, in order to increase female participation and success, in the delivery of ICT initiatives
    • Facilitate the active participation of ICT functionaries in national and international workshops and conferences
    • Work with national, regional and international bodies including NiRA, NIXP; the AAU, AfNOG, AfriNIC; NSRC; UA; and ICTP, to build capacity and the profile of the Forum
    • Provide quality internet access to HEIs through low cost bandwidth from the BWC
    • Enhance and sustain the ngNOG annual workshop to maximise outputs and outcomes
    • Encourage and support the introduction of regional in-country training though local NOGs
    • Provide leadership and support for e-learning initiatives in the education sector and stimulate partnerships between HEIs
    • Foster the exchange of interns to stimulate increased students’ leadership in all campuses
    • Facilitate the active involvement of students and staff in the development and utilisation of ICT resources
    • Institute a periodic survey of ICT status of institutions in order to stimulate peer review and identify areas of strength