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ML4D, Lagos, March 1st and 2nd. 2010: A participant's perspective

ML4D: Mobile Learning for Development. A participatory design workshop for educators

The workshop was very ably led by the facilitators, Dr Niall Winters and Yishay Mor of the London Knowledge Lab. The workshop, run on a participatory basis, exposed participants to the design and prototyping process for mobile learning applications. Participants worked in groups on the design of mobile learning solutions for three separate scenarios.

The workshop was very interesting and informative for several reasons: participants actually participated in the specification and design of some mobile learning applications; actual mobile learning systems based on some freely available tools were discussed; and there was a rich interchange of ideas among participant in the design process. Finally, participants were led to see the possibilities that exist even with the tools and facilities that are currently available to us. Participants were left with the challenge to push forward with the design and prototyping process that started at the workshop.
The importance of the workshop lay in the fact that it highlighted the need for us to fashion out new ways to effectively prosecute the tasks of teaching and learning in our institutions, given the constraints of large student populations and inadequate facilities that we are faced with. The popularity of mobile devices suggests that the mobile learning route might be an attractive one to explore.

Many thanks go to the organizers and co-sponsors, Datasphir Solutions Ltd., for coming up with such a challenging and educative workshop; they are to be commended for their foresight and the excellent way in which the workshop was conducted. The facilitators are also to be commended for the mature and stimulating manner they led the workshop. We hope that, with the participants doing their homework on the designs, a follow-up workshop can be organized to take t he work forward.

For more on the workshop, see http://www.ml4d.org/events/wksp1

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