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Introduction to Linux

Linux kernel version 2.6 is the core

Most popular open-source, freely distributed, full-featured operating system

Source code available to public for examination, modification, free download and installation

Users benefit from community of developers actively debugging and improving the kernel

Absence of licensing fees and restrictions

Ability to completely customize the OS

Popular in high-end servers, desktop computers, embedded systems

Supports symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), non-uniform memory access (NUMA) access to multiple file systems


1991 Linux Torvalds, 21-year-old student at University of Helsinki, Finland

Wanted to improve upon design of Minix, an educational operating system created by Professor Andrew S Tanenbaum of Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam

September 1991, Torvalds released first version (0.01) of Linux and made source code available.

Response: community has continued to develop and support Linux

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