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Critical Success Factors for e-Learning

Here is a presentation I put together to raise some issues I think are critical to success if e-Learning is to be adopted in our HEIs.

I hope this can stimulate some discussion on the lists.

Ntop Network Traffic Monitoring Guide

As Internet access is still one of the biggest services on our networks, it is very critical that Internet bandwidth be treated for what it is - a scarce resource that must be managed properly for the benefit of the commmonwealth.

While there are no doubt many wonderful commercial applications out there, I have found the open source application ntop to be capable of a great job. However, for it to really work, some basic requirements in network architecture must be met. Traditionally, there hasn't been a updated documentation for this wonderful program, so I have put together a guide based on my experience that will help get network administrator get started to monitoring bandwidth using ntop and leveraging technologies like Cisco's NetFlow, SPAN and sFLOW.

Strategic Issues in ICT for Education

This is a summary of a blog entry at The idea is a cursory look at some of the issues that face ICT development in educational sector in developing countries. Check the above address for details.

1. Web 2.0 may be disruptive …. but therein lies its potential. It is mass democratization in a traditionally power-imbalanced culture. I believe the collective IQ of students (although I prefer ‘learners’) amplified by passion for what they learn and brought together via Web 2.0 exceeds that of any single lecturer/professor/guru.

Asterisk Under Fire?

From my first contact with the open source IP PBX toolkit called Asterisk, I fell in love with it ... both as an IT expert and as a business-savvy person. Come on, what could be better than free (as in free lunch) as well as free as in free speech?

But of course, Asterisk - the pure one has never been for the faint of heart. U get to configure text files and keep track of several of them, not to talk of a somewhat cryptic commands. To be fair ... Trixbox (formerly Asterisk@Home) makes this a lot easier and of course there is a webmin module for Asterisk.

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