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ngNOG 2009

Am safely at home now after one among the most interested training ever. I will want to use this concourse to authenticate my genuine appreciation to all those that are in one way or the other a contributory factor to the sensation and implementation of this well planned training. I particularly want to register and acknowledge the following, secretariat (Wale, Rashida, Rhoda and others) of the ngNOG, my VC for allowing me go for the training, My ICT Director, LOC, VC Uni-Ilorin, Uni-Ilorin community, my special instructor (Sharks, Chris and christy) and other instructors, my track mates, interns, drivers, cooks not to forget my one and only special room mate (VICTOR I. THE MOST POPULAR PARTICIPANT WHICH HIS CHARACTER BECAME TRACK10 OF THE TRAINING WITH EVERY BODY AS MEMBER OF THAT TRACK. To those i could not get their numbers before going am sorry my number is 07039493722 lapipee@gmail. My instructors should expect as much as hundred and one calls from me any time. To the secretariat again am waiting for another version of the training next year as i exploit and consume the knowledge that i gain.
On the other side it will be wise if Nigeria government will carefully monitor and get involve in Nigeria ICT forum as an avenue which will help them in good policy making and implementation.

On the buoyant and jovial side, Uncle FS you are too much but be careful not to kill someone with your bunch of hilarity and mirth. Once in a while it cross my mind that why are not with (basket mouth, AY, I go die etc) in nite of thousand laugh rather than ICT world?

Goshwe Lapshak Yilwatda

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