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Day 2

The workshops continued on Tuesday at 8:30am as all the initial logistic hiccups were cleared. After the first day, a few of the participants opted to switch to Tack E0 (Unix System Administration) so they can get a better grasp of UNIX.

Five more participants arrived bringing the total number of registered participants to 53. 5 Interns from the University of Jos who participated in the setup of the labs for the event have also joined the registered participants.

After dinner we had a 'Suya Night' that featured Musical chairs where the different tracks competed for 30 extra sticks of barbecued beef. Track E0 won the participants round and Track E2 won the round for instructors. Following the Competition was a presentation by Mrs Dada from Fantsuam Foundation who talked about the Rural ICT Project that the Foundation is presently involved in. We learned that there is a need to reach out the communities around our institutions to enable the growth of a National Research and Education Network.

As NgNOG Begins...........................

Participants started arriving Jos yesterday at 10:00am and by 11:00pm in the evening 32 people had registered. There was a welcome dinner at 7 in the evening where everyone was welcomed to Jos the Plateau State capital by the Chair of the NgNOG Local Organizing Committee, Mr John ALhassan.

This morning we woke up to an average temperature of 20 degree Celsius (normal temparature for Jos at this time of the year). Participants had been told before hand to dress warmly as the coolest temerpatures in Nigeria are recorded in Jos (see ).

Though there were a few hitches with logistics in the morning (the buses were a few minutes late) as the day began to unfold, we were able to get back on track. All the workshop Tracks (E0, E1 and E2) were in full swing by 10:00am. At the close of the day (5:30pm) 16 more participants had registered making a total of 48 students.

After dinner there was a Networking Session where IT Entrepreneurship was discussed. Mr Kanmi Adewara and Sunday Folayan led the discussions. At the end of the session participants identified the following points as a base for successful IT Entrepreneurship;

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