ngNOG08 - Strategic Planning and Network Computing Policies

[file] ICT Forum Intervention in HEIs - Tamon presentation.pdf27/03/09 11:00 am239.99 KB
[file] ICT in Education Policy 16Sept08 ok.pdf27/03/09 11:01 am369.23 KB
[file] IT Policy and Higher Education in Nigeria.pdf27/03/09 11:00 am248.82 KB
[file] Library_automation.pdf27/03/09 10:56 am252.43 KB
[file] ngNOG - 2008 Perspectives of an ICT Career Structure.pdf27/03/09 10:59 am135.89 KB
[file] Nigeria IT Policy working draft.pdf27/03/09 11:35 am1.33 MB
[file] The first draft of a forum strategic plan.pdf27/03/09 11:38 am240.92 KB
[file] appendix 1.pdf27/03/09 6:42 pm92.54 KB
[file] appendix 2.pdf27/03/09 6:42 pm116.15 KB
[file] appendix 3.pdf27/03/09 6:42 pm81.28 KB
[file] appendix 4.pdf27/03/09 6:41 pm82.58 KB
[file] Report of the SPM Track F.pdf27/03/09 6:42 pm59.8 KB