During the period 2009 - 2014, the Forum will use best practices to consolidate its focus and restructure its governance and management structures. This is in order to reposition the Forum for current challenges and responsibilities. The Forum in the plan period will Nurture the building of sustainable networks in the Higher Education Sector. It will do so through creating awareness and sensitisation, training and retraining, as well as provision of services. It will work with its members and the rest of the HE sector through the AVCNU/ CVC, COHEADS, COP and similar associations. It will work with the public and private sector as well as with professional bodies and associations, to promote healthy private sector partnerships with the education sector.

To achieve the aforementioned, the following three broad and overarching goals have been determined:

  1. Put in place governing and management structures for effective and efficient delivery of the Forum’s mandates.
  2. Enhance and sustain the commitment of HEIs to use ICTs for institutional strengthening.
  3. Nurture the building of vibrant e-communities through training, innovation and partnerships.