Linux-Windows Interoperability Steps UP

Hi all,
Just discovered something and its really making me excited. As you know for quite a long time now .... Linux has only been able to read but NOT write to NTFS partitions. For anyone doing a dualboot (Windows & Linux) computer, if you wanted to be able to share files on your hard drives between both OSes .. u had to keep a FAT32 partition around. Some guys have been working on the issue but it wasn't stable ... requiring a checkdisk on the NTFS partition everytime Linux used it .... UNTIL now.

They guys at announced they finally got a stable solution. Check it out.

I just tried it out on my Ubuntu 7.04 and boy ... it works like charm. There's an excellent howtwo at

This is really significant for the following reasons.
1. Now you can consolidate your documents in one partition and access and modify them from both OSes.
2. For music buffs ... when u rate and modify your mp3s from Linux, the tags can be embedded in the files and be available in the other OS.
3. We can kiss the insecure FAT32 good bye
4. This is really good for the Linux as a desktop replacement

Re: Linux-Windows Interoperability Steps UP

Thanks for the heads-up. I have used distros that incorporated code from the parent project at and the driver had write problems.

I never liked dual-booting probably because I use windows rarely and didn't like the idea of restarting my laptop to access windows. These days I run Windows inside a VM in my Linux laptop and share files with Samba.

I use the free Vmware server and the Windows CD that came with my laptop. Anyone planning to try this should note that there seems to be a problem with the latest kernel versions. Try an earlier kernel if the module doesn't build....installation is quite straightforward.

Ubuntu users can visit this link

Re: Linux-Windows Interoperability Steps UP

"Just discovered something and its really making me excited. As you know for quite a long time now ....

This is really significant .... "

hey, Mukom... this sounds like it should be of general interest... may i suggest you post it to ngnog-discuss as well?


Re: Linux-Windows Interoperability Steps UP

Here it is in summary

1. Ubuntu Feisty Installation.
2. An NTFS partition you want to access

1. install the NTFS-config utility thus ...
sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

2. Start the configuration tool [Applications->Systems Tools->NTFS Configuration Tool]

3. Enter your root password.

4. The tool will display all available NTFS partitions that can be configured. Just click the checkbox near the ones you want to enable read/write access to (I assume everything!!)

5. Enable support for both internal and external devices ... this way, your external HDD formatted as NTFS will also be writeable from Ubuntu.

6. Take it for a test drive .... and enjoy.


Extra tip

There's a Google feature that allows you to access information from a site that is down. Google a topic but DON't click on the results. Instead click on the link that says 'Cached' and u can pull the page off Google's servers.

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