Ntop Network Traffic Monitoring Guide

As Internet access is still one of the biggest services on our networks, it is very critical that Internet bandwidth be treated for what it is - a scarce resource that must be managed properly for the benefit of the commmonwealth.

While there are no doubt many wonderful commercial applications out there, I have found the open source application ntop to be capable of a great job. However, for it to really work, some basic requirements in network architecture must be met. Traditionally, there hasn't been a updated documentation for this wonderful program, so I have put together a guide based on my experience that will help get network administrator get started to monitoring bandwidth using ntop and leveraging technologies like Cisco's NetFlow, SPAN and sFLOW.

It is still largely a work in beta and I hope to update it as my knowledge improves. You can download the latest copy of the guide in PDF from http://techowto.wordpress.com/ as well as find some tips that are not yet in the Guide. I would appreciate any feedback from those who use it.