Automatic Change-over switch

I have started working on an automatic change-over switch that will enable the power to switch over to public utility and as well switch off the generator. This will greatly saves time and fuel.
i would like to work with any member of the forum to actualise this.

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You should post this to the ngnog-discuss or alternative power list for greater exposure.

You might also want to indicate why we should make one when they are readily available off the shelf with the appropriate certifications

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After one year of this idea on board. I now got an answer to this project after attending the APT Track of ngNOG Ilorin. The idea was raised and the organisers took it up until we rise and made one. Its quite cheaper than the normal change-over switch in the market which of course is not automatic.Thanks for attending the ngNOG Ilorin. I have met my expectation. Thank you.

Re: Automatic Change-over switch

I have actually worked on this before and would be willing to share with you.

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the Automatic change over is something that i had already perfected many years ago!!!!!!

i have it in various sizes for different range of generator types: from the small tiger generator to the full fledged diesel engine

here is the way it works:
When you are running on generator say a small "i pass my neighbour - Tiger" and your appliances like tv, dstv, sound system etc
are all working and PHCN restores power, my automatic changeOver transfer the power from the generator to PHCN without any flicker whatsoever to your running appliances!!!! the very unique thing about this my design is that that there is a seamless transistion of power from the generator to that of PHCN without any interuption to your equipment/appliances. you wont even know that it has change from gen to PHCN because none of your equipment will even blink or notice.

That is not all!!!!! it will also shut down the generator for you - ALL AUTOMATIC...
I have been using it for more that 3 yrs now and had sold so many over the years for friends, church members and companies.
The bigger ones that i design are for Big diesel engine 15KVA upwards... this one can automaticaly start the generator remotely when power goes as well as changing over automatically and shuting down the gen when power is been restored...

u can call me on this number to give you more details - 08036855814 or mail me :

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