Up-grading Power System in ICT Environment.1

We have succeded in having a paper-less office. unfortunately we fail to exempt our rooms from hanging and flying cables. what a compromise! many center's core rooms are wired only with the basic systems in mind and most often than not those who made the wiring had no idea how/for what those rooms are to be used for. These call for a need to standardize the scenery of these rooms.
There are several auxillary equipment that arrived these rooms after construction/renovation. what are actually required to be wired? these includes the rack (depends on either the wall mount or the self standing type). The electrical sockets/patress and data faceplate. The air conditioners and other ventilation systems.These rooms are bored crudely just to have access for the electrical/generator/uplink cables into the room.

what do we need to create a wireless-wired room?
First we must consider all the primary equipment and possibly of supporting newer. Secondly, we shop for the materials to use. The primary of them being the PVC trunk or cable ducts. Then, the installation.
Two horizontal rows of trunk are enough to clear the trip wires.These could be anywhere between the lower part of the window and the floor. The lower row being for data path the vsat /uplink etc. These must be bored behind the trunk using a drill machine. The higher row will be for the power. This will require a horizontal rise for lighting, air-conditioners and to the racks.With this arrangement the table arrangements and bigger equipment will follow.
in this perspective the only cable likely to be visible are power to the laptop (optional), usb/keyboard/mouse from back of the system.
A separate smaller room be provided for keeping the portable generator and battery bank.