Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

What do we feel about reducing the cost of deploying LANs in our educational institutions?

At Apex IT we are preparing to deploy solar powered wireless LANs in educational establishments

Re: Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

Can the solar powered systems be possibly deployed to power the wireless LAN servers in our institutions?

Re: Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

We are currently in the process of implementing that in the University, we want to power our base stations with solar. So if you are asking about the possibility, yes it is possible. The only clause could be FUNDS!

Ojedeji Seun Samson
System Analyst/Network Administrator
ICT Centre
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Enugu Campus)

Re: Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

Yes commercially solar powered systems are currently running and I am aware of about 5 locations that have deployed this solution and are self sufficient. All these locations also use inverters and controllers to help manage the power distribution.

The most important thing is that you should know your power consumption and the output you require.

Yes financing is always an issue but I feel that infrastructure projects of this scale can be properly assessed with the resulting budget affordable for schools and governments.

Wale Adelaja
Apex IT
Marina, Lagos

Re: Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

Yes. It is possible to power the wireless LAN server with solar panel. Recently we are powering our servers and switches through inverters. The same principle applies when powering them through solar panel thus eliminating the use of grid line.The short comings are the regular maintenance and possible replacement of batteries,charge controllers or the inverter there-in.proper ventilation and protection agains rain must be taken into account in the case of out-side/roof installation of the servers. umar uba system technician A.B.U. Zaria. 08035981760

Re: Solar Powered Wireless LAN for Educational Institutions

Solar is a good alternative. But care must be taken in selection of the following:
i. Selection and sizing of inverter is very important. Make sure you select a pure sine wave inverter with DC-DC converter (possibly Buck-Boost converter) and should be on-line interactive (full duplex).
ii. Your batteries should be the most advanced battery technology which is Advanced AGM or VRSLAB batteries (Advanced Glass Mat, Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. The DOD will also determine what you can extract in times of need.
iii. Charge controllers should be DC-DC converter using PWM to give MPPT future.
iv. Time will fail me to mention site selection parameters, modules selection, etc.
v. Majorly as for a profession advice and we will freely give you.

Attend the power track at ngNOG and you will get more details on how to design, select, size and install solar power generators.

Above all, its is possible and very simple to implement with a professional advice.

My candid advice is for the schools to install solar systems that are grid interactive.